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Sustainable Development
Forge Ahead, Selfimprovement,
Continuous quality improvement on our products.
SINCE 1984, We always aim at “ upholding honesty and fairness, seeking perfection, getting well prepared and in following the idea of ‘quality goes first’ ".
We develop electrolytics capacitors as the starting point of our business and provide a wide range of different efficient electrolytics capacitors in order to satisfy our customer’s need. We put our focuses mainly on developing long life,high reliability and low impedance products that can be used in power, audio,lighting, communication and Consumer electronics products.


We put our focuses mainly on developing following products to meet the current need of the market:
—High ripple, low impedance and long life series for solar energy products
—High temperature, long life and small size series for LED products
—Pencil cap capacitance (diameter 8mm X height 50mm) for TV and adaptor products
—Ultra miniaturized series for charger products that need to satisfy the Power antilightning test
—Producing Koas conductive macromolecule solid electrolytic capacitors (Radial type and SMD type)
—Producing Koshin SMD type aluminium electrolytic capacitors


We successfully developed following:
—Increased voltage from 550V to 600V
—Extend Capacitance life expectancy from 12000 hours to 15000 hours
—Increase products’ temperature from 125C to 130C